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Colour My Change

Colour My Change is a simple web app for generating printable weight loss (or gain) progress charts.

About The Project

Colour My Change was inspired by seeing weight loss progress diagrams that you create and stick on your wall. For every pound or kg lost (or gained), you fill in a bubble until you reach your goal.

Tired of having to create a new chart every time I started over, I created a web app to help myself and others create progress diagrams to achieve their fitness goals.

How It Works

  1. Generate your chart with Colour My Change.
  2. Print out the PDF.
  3. Colour in a bubble for every pound or kg lost (or gained).
  4. Celebrate when you reach your goals.
Photo of a self-made bubble chart

Generate Your Chart

Enter your current and goal weight. Either lbs or kg work just fine.

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